Foreign company registration

We register companies in European union and foreign countries. We choose the most suitable jurisdiction instending of the customer’s business schemes. Also we can provide annual renew of companies registration and legal support services.


Registration of companies in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria.



Customer can choose nominee service:

  • Nominee director
  • Nominee shareholder
  • Nominee secretary
  • Nominee signature
  • Yearly account filling and signing
  • Director registration in countrie company registry
  • Shareholder registration in countrie company registry

If it necessary, we can provide additional services:

  • Certificate of good standing
  • Certificate of incumbency
  • Annual report to the tax service
  • Apostille documents
  • Mailing address
  • Notarization
  • Courier services
  • Virtual Office

These services are provided on the following terms:

1) Customer guarantees, that provided them contact information is accurate and complete;
2) Customer undertakes that the Company will not be engaged in any illegal activity;
3) The financial liability of Customers registered companies can’t be transferred to the JSC “Andumpark Limited”;
4) Customer undertakes to pay JSC “Andumpark Limited” under invoices presented;
5) Customer is responsible for the documents authenticity and legality.