Company registration

Our company provides company registration services in Lithuania, Europe and countries around the world.


We individually review applications, view company documents (service cost) – 150.00 €. We consider companies – LLP, LP, Ltd, BVi and Dominica.



Full range of services, which is provided with:

The Statute;
The incorporation agreement;
Company registration in State Enterprise Centre of Registers;
Company registration in State Tax Inspectorate;
Company ID;
State Patent Bureau approval of company name;
Notary costs;
Bank account opening;


Additional services:

Annual company registration address is additionally charged;
Company adress;
Documents translation.
Accounting services are additionally charged.


Public Limited Liability Company (AB)

The Public Limited Liability Company is limited liability legal person, the capital is divided into shares. Shares can be traded on the stock exchange.

Number of shareholders: unlimited.

Share capital: 43,490 EUR.

The Public Limited Liability Company is managed by Shareholders meeting. The annual shareholders’ meeting is mandatory.


Private Limited Liability Company (UAB)

The Private Limited Liability Company is limited liability legal person, the capital is divided into shares. Shares cannot be traded on the stock exchange.

Number of shareholders: up to 250 people.

Share capital: 2,500 EUR.

The Private Limited Liability Company is managed by shareholders and director.


Public Institution (VŠĮ)

The Public Institution is limited liability legal person, non-profit public organization, which is registered in order to fit public interests. The public institution has the right to engage commercial activity that is related to its public activity objectives. It is prohibited to divide the capital for the activities, which are not included to the Statute.

Number of shareholders: unlimited.

The Public Institution is managed by director and shareholders meeting.


Personal Proprietorship (IĮ)

The individual enterprise is a private legal entity of unlimited liability. It can be run individually or by family. This company is managed by individual enterprise’s director, who is this enterprise’s owner.


General Partnership (TŪB)

General partnership – an enterprise established under agreement for joint activities of several private and legal persons. Such enterprise runs commercial and economical activity, and its participants are natural members. Members of General partnership are responsible for partnership’s obligations solidary by its all assets and property.


Limited Partnershi (KŪB)

Form of an enterprise, when at least one company’s participant is a natural member, and at least another one – commandite. Parntership’s assets are excluded from commandite’s property, and not excluded from natural partner’s one.



The association is limited liability legal public person, which aim is to coordinate the activity of association members, to represent members’ interests and to defend them or to fit other public interests.

Minimum of shareholders – 3 people.

The annual members’ meeting is mandatory. It is prohibited to distribute association’s profits to association’s member’s, except salary.